Vegetable Recipes

Vegetables are neutral in taste and energy combining well with most other foods as well as being generally sattvic.

Vegetables are a great source of many vitamins and nutrients as well as fiber when eaten in whole forms.  Cooked vegetables are better for Vata and Kapha; raw vegetables in moderation are better for Pitta.  Fresh vegetables are far superior to canned (most tamasic or damaging) or frozen (better than canned but still depleting in some of their energy).

  • Root vegetables: are heavier and more nutritive and are particularly balancing to Vata but can aggravate Kapha
  • Leafy or green vegetables: lighter and usually drying contain important vitamins and minerals.  Are better for Kapha and Pitta but should be used in moderation for Vata so as not to be aggravating.
  • Pungent vegetables: are rajasic or irritating in their properties and will aggravate Pitta with their hot nature.  These include onions, garlic and chilies.
  • Nightshades: such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, can provoke food allergies in both Vata and Pitta constitutions and also create more acidity in the body

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