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Cucumber Raita

Raita is a delicious condiment in which  yogurt is the main ingredient.  In Ayurveda, yogurt by itself is sour, heating and difficult to digest.  However, when yogurt is watered down and spiced, as in a lassi, or spiced and taken … Continue reading

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Healthy & Natural Summer Fruit Treats

I love frozen treats, especially ice cream.  And no time is this truer than in the summer. However, while I still enjoy ice cream occasionally, I don’t want the heavy dairy and sugar load or the empty calories on a … Continue reading

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Pitta Pacifying Recipes

To help you stay cool throughout the summer, you want to focus more on Pitta pacifying foods and recipes. Any good Ayurveda cookbook will have a list of what foods those are so I recommend purchasing one of these books … Continue reading

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