Snack Recipes

Ideally snacking should be minimized but when you need a snack, have it be filled with nutrition and fit your doshic needs.

For some people with higher appetites, snacks help balance the blood sugar and keep the energy levels stable throughout a busy day.  However, over-snacking, especially on all the processed and sugared foods, contribute not only to weight gain but also rob one of the greater opportunity for true nutrition since a belly full from snacking isn’t hungry for the “real” meal typically full of healthier foods.

Most snacks today come from a box or a bag and are dry in nature and are loaded with sugar, salt, and artificial chemicals. The dry quality of these foods also imbalances Vata dosha.

In addition to making time for three healthy meals and reducing mindless eating, use these recipes to support yourself for the times when a snack is truly needed.

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