Chronic Relief

This program is ideally suited towards individuals who require extended support to address chronic health conditions and allow for proper revitalization and rebuilding of health.  

Throughout the six month program you will utilize holistic resources and protocols to address the complex and multiple symptoms that are preventing you from enjoying life fully while developing a healthier lifestyle and self-care routines to regain health and balance.

$275 per month for 6 months commitment includes:

  • 90-120 minute professional Ayurvedic assessment to determine your core constitution and current state of imbalance
  • 9 – 60 minute consultations with individualized lifestyle and dietary recommendations to support imbalances and health complaints, regain optimal health, and develop healthy habits.  This process starts with the report of findings visit about a week after your initial intake where you learn how Ayurveda views you, receive an introduction to the Ayurvedic model and how it works, and receive your first set of recommendations to begin the re-balancing process.  The additional five consultations are used to check in on your progress and where additional support or adjustments are needed, and to continue to add in additional recommendations and modifications using diet, lifestyle and herbal support to begin developing a healthier lifestyle to meet your wellness goals.  
  • 1  – 60 minute Life Coaching 
  • 6 months of two herbal powdered formulas to support the core systems of digestion and nervous system/mind.  Additional charges applied for encapsulated formulas, additional formulas and lifestyle products, and the specific use of certain premium herbs which are costly such as: guggul formulas, boswelia, jatamamsi, shilajit, saw palmetto, nutmeg, and cardamom.
  • Education and handouts to provide you with a fundamental understanding of how to use the core components of Ayurveda along with making change without overwhelm.  This includes the  “Essential Ayurveda eBook” by Jamie Durner as well as additional handouts as appropriate for your needs.  
  • The week-long “Be Your Best Rejuvenation” online guided home cleanse program.
  • Additional 10% discount on individual cleanse options, body therapies, and coaching programs during the term of the package.

Except for the initial assessment and report of findings which are 1 week apart, appointments are scheduled two weeks apart initially and towards the end possibly three weeks apart to ensure best results.  Sessions must be completed within no more than 7 months time

Self-investment of the program can be made in full or through six monthly payment options – both of which require fulfillment of the full six month commitment.  

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