Wellness Explorer

This 4 session personalized program is suited for individuals who are new to Ayurveda or natural health and want to explore in a real way how this natural, holistic healing system will support their health needs.  

$495 for the 4 session program includes:

  • An initial 90-120 minute assessment to determine your Ayurvedic constitution and current state of imbalance.
  • A 60 minutes report of findings about a week following your initial assessment where you learn how Ayurveda views you, receive the Ayurveda 101 education, and receive your first set of recommendations to begin the re-balancing process.
  • Two 60 minute follow up consultations to check in on your progress, your challenges, and continue to add in additional recommendations and modifications using diet, lifestyle and herbal support to begin developing a healthier lifestyle to meet your wellness goals.  
  • Sessions must be completed within a 2 months time. 

No specific educational components are covered, rather sessions are tailored to your individual wellness goals and interests.  

All herbal formulas, lifestyle products, body therapies, and cleanse protocols have an additional self-investment.

Once finished with this program, you can continue with flexible single session consultations.  You also have the choice to upgrade to one of the other wellness programs before the third session of your package if you are ready for a deeper self commitment.

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