Wellness Articles & eBooks

Wellness article and eBooks to jumpstart your optimal health with healthy routines and habits.

The strongest way to support your health is by having a healthy daily lifestyle.  This is a process that takes time, understanding, and sustainable actions.  You can support your own journey of wellness with the complete Essential eBook or the various articles in which I share not only information but tips on wellness.

The articles includes Ayurveda information including different aspects of dinacharya or daily habits along with yoga and mediation techniques.  Ayurveda is a complete wellness system with guidance on how to use every aspect of your life to support optimal health. Each article can act as part of a daily check-in or morning alignment.  Together, they can provide a thorough resource for your empowered self-care.

The articles also include life coaching techniques and tips.  Life coaching is a great resource to support the exploration of potentials blocks to your success, gain deeper insight to your inner workings, and leverage your natural gifts and talents into powerful forward movement towards achieving your goals.

Deepen your understanding of Ayurveda with the Essential Ayurveda eBook

Or browse a variety wellness-related articles on various aspects healthy self-care routines and how-to healthy living including life coaching techniques, points to ponder, meditation, breath exercises, making various food staples such as yogurt and ghee, and more!


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