The Doshas are the cornerstone principle in thought and practice of Ayurveda. The doshas are the three primary life-forces and subtle substances behind all physiological and psychological functions. They produce the body and are the causative factors in the disease process. When treating imbalance, the Ayurvedic Practitioner works with your Vikruti or state of imbalance within the doshas. Using the principle that like creates like and opposites cure, lifestyle factors and treatments using the opposite qualities of the dosha out of balance are used.

Nature of Pitta

The Pitta dosha is said to be made up of the fire and water elements, being most dominated by fire. Pitta is hot, slightly moist or oily, light and sharp. To restore balance to Pitta, programs are designed to emphasize the opposing qualities of cool, heavy (nourishing), soft and dry.

Physically, people of Pitta natures tend to be of medium proportions, have warm, ruddy or fair skin which may be sensitive and fine hair that tends towards premature graying or thinning. Mentally, they are sharp, able to digest information well, and determined in thought, speech and action. They are competitive and ambitious, are moderate sleepers, and, since warm, gravitate towards cooler environments. Healthy self-confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit are hallmarks of balanced Pitta.

Factors that can cause Pitta dosha to increase include a diet that contains too many hot or spicy, sour or fried foods, over-exposure to the sun or to hot temperatures, too much intensity and competition in life.

When out of balance, Pitta will create fevers, burning sensations, excess hunger and thirst, inflammation, anger, resentment, and jealousy.

Signs that Pitta is out of balance:

  • You are constantly critical, impatient, irritable
  • You feel obsessed by work or a project, unable to stop for a break
  • You wake up in the very early hours of the morning and then find it difficult to get back to sleep
  • Your skin feels irritated or more sensitive than usual, breaking out or feeling inflamed
  • Your hair falls out when you shampoo or comb it
  • You have problems with heartburn or excess stomach acid
  • Your tolerance of other people or provoking situations is lower than usual
  • You have temper outbursts over minor aggravations or often feel frustrated
  • You feel hot even when you are indoors, feel thirsty all the time, and your eyes are red
  • Your speech is often biting and sarcastic and you find yourself getting into arguments easily

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