Create Abundance – Contraction, Expansion or Inspiration

Create AbundanceWhat you take in from your outer world has a real effect in whether you create abundance.

You might divide your outer world impressions into three broad categories. I call them “Contraction, Expansion or Inspiration.”  The balance of the three forms of input directly influences the level of and how you create abundance in your life, relationships and work.

Contraction is any written or visual material or interaction with people that bring you down.

In terms of written material, the most common outlet is the news. With the election, I have read more of this than ever before. I only take my news through listening to NPR in the car and through articles pulled in on my Flipboard phone app. This means I control the amount and sometimes just flip headlines to stay abreast of the information without getting mired in the muck. However, even that has filled me mostly with frustration, anger and even hopelessness since my emotions get stirred up but I’m not sure how to best act on them.

Same thing with TV shows or movies. Do you fill up on shows that create a positive emotional impact or a negative one? And how do those emotions serve your life or well-being?

Sadly there might be some people in your life drain or deplete you or just leave you irritated. These could be family members. Several of my clients pre- and post-election were being affected by the polarizing energies within their families around politics.

All of these contraction examples don’t create a positive energy.

As such, the common sense thing to do would is to minimize such activities and interactions!

Expansion material and interaction are those that deepen your awareness and give you useful ideas.

In my eZine blog posts, I try to provide just this sort of thing! I also seek out expansion opportunities in my own life.  I listen to webinars and podcasts.  I read books and articles that tie into my personal and professional interests.  I surround myself with people who help me expand.

Just this week I listened to a great webinar on Traditional Ayurveda Formulas. I am part of a marketing club which gives me weekly articles and information to help my business. On my Flipboard app, I choose article categories around neuroscience and habit change – many of which I share with you all on my Ayurveda Wellness Facebook page.

This expansion category provides much of my tangible mental database and logistical tools to create abundance.

What do you have going in your outer input world that is feeding you in terms of expansion and helping you create your own magnificence abundance?

Inspiration is those things which uplift and inspire you.

This is what I call my “keep up” category. It is the books and activities that counter the frustration and doldrums of life. It brings excitement and enthusiasm to a stagnant project. It fills the spirit and makes the heart sing.

Many of your daily self care tools might be part of what you give yourself inspiration – meditation, yoga and breathing – on a quiet inner level. But I also encourage you to fill your outer world with books, articles, movies and activities that inspire you to soar.

Last night I went to a kirtan – yoga call and response chanting – with Ragani.  Fun, uplifting, and a great way to create a high vibration on a Friday night.

Each night before I go to bed, I read something inspirational to have in my mind as I drift off. Currently I’m suing a book of quotes by Cheryl Strayed called “Brave Enough” and “The Rainbow Comes and Goes,”a book I stumbled across by Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt. It is a book of their back and forth emails sharing about life on deep level after she turned 91.

Inspiration sparks my inner flame.  It is fuel I use to create abundance over and over again.

Ultimately your life and actions are formed from your thinking. If you are not enjoying as much fulfillment and radiance in your life, you need to shift how to create abundance off autopilot.  Perhaps it’s time to shape your impressions your receive in a more conscious way.

Sometimes you might fall in a hole like I did recently by gorging on five seasons of “Game of Thrones” – in which at the end I was left annoyed that the good ‘guys’ kept getting killed off or mistreated and the world was still messy and dominated by nasty people. Don’t beat yourself up. Nor stay caught in the swamp. Simply recognize that it was not the healthiest choice and move on.

Consciously be aware of the three categories of Contraction, Expansion and Inspiration to create abundance on a bigger level.  Make an effort to increase your focus on reading, watching and participating in interactions that Expand your mind and emotions and Inspire you to take actions around new possibilities.

©2016, Jamie Durner, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Certified Life Coach at Abundant You Coaching

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