Coaching’s Effective Model for Success Part 2

Last month in talking about how professional coaching works, I shared the first two of the seven primary pillars that make up the coaching structure.  This month, I will talk about another two pillars.

PILLAR #3: Professional coaching provides an ongoing relationship of support.

Results and change do not happen all at once. Coaching recognizes this fact and supports your need for accountability, breaking down your goal into manageable steps, and creating the space to make real-time adjustments to your plan as life happens.

Having a committed coaching relationship provides the structure, space and support to keep you on track, stay motivated, and move you forward in awareness and success.

The actual time period for coaching is determined between the client and coach. Some people find that an initial commitment of three to six months is effective. Others discover that the process is so powerful and supportive that they choose to work with coaches for extended time periods.  The results and differences in their business and lives are found to be well worth their self-investment. In fact, my master coaching teacher works with his clients on an annual contract basis with the expectation to continue for the entirety of the client’s working life and charges big bucks for the results he achieves with world changing visionaries!

The time period you need is part of what you co-design with your coach. It is common to start with a minimum time period of two to three months to lay a solid foundation and establish new habits and create success.  But each coach and client will have different expectations and needs around timing and this is part of what will help you decide if you fit with a particular coach.

PILLAR #4: Professional coaching provides holistic support.

At least this is the case in the style of coaching I practice.  Some coaching models focus on specific areas of one’s business or life. The reality, however, is that life is interconnected.  And a challenge in one compartment is often linked to and affected by another area of your life. As such, coaching can and often does, address multiple areas of your life, relationships, and business. It is a freeing space to know that you can talk about what is going on in any area of your life no matter what it relates to.

Clients learn to shift their challenges by expanding from another area in their life where they are finding success. You might come to address one topic only to enjoy greater fulfillment in many areas of your life!

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 ©2015, Jamie Durner, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner & Wellness Educator at Ayurveda Wellness in Brookfield, WI

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