5 Secrets To Handling Tumultuous Transitions With Ease

vataicon3From an Ayurveda perspective, all transitions or times of change are connected to the vata dosha.  Vata is like the wind and part of its nature is every changing, fluctuating, and unstable.  It is also light and full of air and movement.  These qualities are not necessarily bad.  But when there is an excess amount in your bodymind, it increases a sense of instability and lack of grounding that can invoke feelings of anxiety, restlessness and fear.

If it were just vata rising, Ayurveda would recommend using qualities of an opposite nature to restore balance.  You would bring more warmth, heaviness, stability and regularity into your life and diet.

However, the tumultuous transitions that Mother Earth and the world are experiencing are not just full of vata instability.  There is also a high level of pitta heat – literally in our warmer than normal temperatures but also in the heated quality of emotions.  These heated emotions of frustration, anger, and range are often the outward reaction to an inner fear.

To balance these two vata and pitta energies, you need tools that are both grounding and neutral or cooling, especially in the heart area.  You need to connect the stability of the first chakra to the heart chakra.

5 Transition Tips To Connect Root & Heart

Make a conscious choice of what you connect to and spread in your heart

In Sanskrit, the word for the heart area is hridayam which means that which receives, gives and circulates.

It is understandable that you are likely feeling a wide variety of emotions connected to what is happening in the world as well as possible challenges in your own life.  And while suppressing emotions is not something I recommend, you can choose to check in daily and decide what you’re going to come back to in your heart space.  Do you want to receive, give and circulate fear, hate and anger…or peace, love and compassion?

I find that just visualizing the flow of the heart – seeing the energy that I choose coming in to me from the outer world, circulating it through my body to nourish me, and sending back out a positive flow of energy – helps remind me that despite the normal fluctuating surface emotions, I choose deep down to stay connected to a place of positive heart energy.

Stay Hydrated

This make not look, at first glance, like a tool to ground you.  But kapha, the dosha that represents stability, is made up of both the earth and water elements and both are heavy in their nature and help counter the lightness of vata.

glass waterFluids also help counter the drying, depleting qualities that come from both vata and ongoing pitta heat.  Think of that moisture as part of your juicy inner sap that not only keeps your body supple but also your emotions soft and resilient.

If you are feeling hot in body and mind, keep your water room temperature.  As it gets colder, you can switch to warm water or herbal teas.  Stay consistent by setting a reminder on your phone or computer to make sure that you’re drinking every 2 hours at a minimum.

Take A Nourishing Afternoon Tea Break

Vata governs the afternoon time block from 2-6pm and it is during this time that your nervous system may get frayed from all the activity of the early day.  It may be hard to take a deeper break – to meditate, do yoga, take a walk in nature or even a 15-minute cat rest. But one thing you can do is to make yourself a cup of vata-pitta balancing tea that connects the mind and heart.

My favorite tea for this is India Organics Tulsi Rose tea.  They call it “stress relieving and magical” and I have to agree!  It has several types of tulsi or holy basil (which connects the head and heart and supports the adrenal cortex) as well as rose, chamomile and lemon myrtle.  I get many of my teas from Lucky Vitamin and it is on sale right now for $3.49.

Tr Day TeaAnother favorite vata-pitta tea that pacifies the nervous system is Tranquil Day Tea.  Ingredients include licorice, bacopa moniera, gingko, chamomile and tulsi.  Send me an email to order your 2 oz bag today.

Use Your Essential Essences

If you have a set of essences that support you, pull them out and use them daily! Using your plant allies on a daily basis can make a big difference in keeping your emotional and mental space clean, clear and healthy.

There are many essences that support emotional exhaustion, help with stress and shock, enhance your ability to stay in a place of love and gratitude, or stay connected without being numbed out by the constant onslaught of negative news.

WOTE Ho WoodOne of my daily allies for the past several months is Ho Wood, which is similar to Rosewood.  She is a heart tonic, anchors vata and is a protector.  When I use her, I feel my back is protected which allows me to show up as my best self and do what needs to be done from a place of high vibration.

Send me an email to order your favorite Wisdom Of The Earth essence or, if you don’t know what you need, to schedule a holistic coaching session to assess your herbal partners.

Give Yourself A Permission Slip To Feel

I am reading Brene Brown’s book “Rising Strong”, which speaks to owning our inner stories and emotions and being vulnerable to rise out of our falling down moments.  In one section, she talks about a pattern of shutting down emotion. 

The problem is that when you shut out the bad you also shut out the good.  Learning to feel emotion without being overwhelmed or derailed by it can be a learning process. By feeling your emotions, you are also less likely to spew them onto others as a reactionary outlet! 

A tool that she offers is to write on a sticky note permission to feel – and be specific of what you emotions you want to open to.  I think of it a bit like an emotional intention or anchor.  Writing it down and putting it in your pocket gives the intention more substance.

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