Download Audio Yoga

Audio kundalini yoga classes to guide you at home, on the road, or wherever you might be

Can’t make a live class due to schedule or geographical challenges?

No problem…the answer is here!

These kundalini yoga classes provide the perfect support tool to meet your needs wherever you are due to their flexible format:

  • Downloadable MP3 audio with complete 60 minute Kundalini Yoga class
  • Written instructions including illustrations for the kriya, meditation and basic information about Kundalini yoga
  • Special instruction section for added clarification on breathing techniques, challenging poses, and modifications
  • Audio track format to by-pass the introduction section once you’re comfortable with the class as well as a separate track for the meditation for times you want to practice it alone

The audio kundalini yoga classes include everything you get in my regular classes

  • Tuning in with your divine teacher
  • An uplifting yoga kriya (set)
  • Guided deep relaxation
  • A breath or mantra meditation
  • And the conscious closing of your practice.

Plus, the audio format works beautifully with Kundalini Yoga since this yoga style is primarily done with the eyes closed in order to allow you to listen to your inner wisdom, feel the energy, and experience your inner reality without the external distractions you take in through your eyes.

Purchasing The Product

When you purchase this product, you will receive a link to a page which has the MP3 and PDF files for you to download onto your computer.

You can then print out the instructions and put the MP3 onto any portable device for your personal use.

Have fun and keep up!

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