Focused on Wellness and Your Individual Needs

Ayurveda is the traditional system of medicine from India which provides a holistic approach to create balance on all levels of body, mind and energy/spirit. Using natural and empowering tools, it places as much emphasis on prevention as it does treatment.

Translated as “the science of life” – “Ayur” means life and “Veda” means knowledge – this is a health model that provides the knowledge of how to live your life in harmony with the world around you.

Since good health and maintaining balance comes down to how you live on a daily basis –including your food, activities, sleep patterns, and self-care routines – you need to know what will best serve you each day even as the external factors in life change.

Ayurveda’s unique energetic model recognizes that everything in life is made up of three life forces, called the Doshas. Your body has all three forces but each individual has a different ratio between them which is what makes us all different.  And everything in life is also made up of different doshas.

Very simply, if you get too much of any one of these energies – by what you take in each day through food, activities, emotions and sensory input – an imbalance results which leads to symptoms and eventually disease.  The key to health is in maintaining the correct balance among the doshas within your body by knowing how the external factors in life affect you and making correct lifestyle choices.

This concise system accounts for differences among individuals and their wellness treatments, as well as how the fluctuating external factors such as your food, the weather and seasons, changes in life stress are affecting you.  The end result is a health model that truly values HEALTH instead of simply treating disease.  A system that gives you the tools to get better and the knowledge for how to stay better. It provides treatments geared to your individual needs rather than a one-size fits-all approach. And you learn a set of guidelines for a healthy lifestyle to meet your UNIQUE needs – even the world around you constantly shifts.

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