Effective in restoring wellness and helping you stay in optimal health

Ayurveda recognizes that the symptoms which are disrupting your life and causing pain and discomfort are cues that there is a deeper issue. Many of your seemingly separate symptoms area actually linked to common root imbalances.

Ayurveda’s unique energetic model allows the practitioner to assess your state of health according to one of three life forces or Doshas. An action plan is then developed to address the imbalance in the correct dosha(s) which not only restores health and vitality, but takes away the symptoms which were acting as messengers from the body of a problem.

The basic rule in Ayurevedic healing is that whatever you can do yourself to improve your own health is more effective in the long run than what another person can do for you. It is in balancing the Doshas that the roots of the disease are cut off and you can live in health and harmony. And the fundamental treatment for the Doshas is not something clinical done by a practitioner but rather it is your own right living methods – in other words, the self-care you give yourself on a daily basis. There is no substitute for right living and this is what Ayurveda treatment provides – a guide to balance current imbalances in the doshas and to teach you how to live in harmony with your constitution.

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